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Dr. Noble specializes in joint replacement of the knee and hip providing highly specialized care during and after surgery. He works with patients to develop an orthopedic treatment program that best suits their current condition and will provide surgical reconstruction of the joint, medications, injections, bracing and physical therapy.

His practice emphasizes the use of innovative surgical techniques including less invasive total knee replacement, robotic assisted total and partial knee replacement (MAKO), direct anterior hip replacement, and outpatient same-day joint replacement surgery. Dr. Noble and his team place special focus on minimizing perioperative pain, rapid recovery non-opioid protocols, and optimizing the experience and satisfaction of patients undergoing hip and knee surgery.

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Mako SmartRoboticsTM is an innovative solution for many suffering from painful arthritis of the knee. Mako uses 3D CT-based planning software so your surgeon can know more about your anatomy to create a personalized joint replacement surgical plan. This 3D model is used to preplan and assist your surgeon in performing your joint replacement procedure.